Fake The Envy - Interlude (EP)

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Fake The Envy - Interlude (EP)

Indlægaf FTE » søn aug 24, 2008 21:34

Idle Works and Codeline Records proudly present : Fake The Envy – "Interlude" (EP) Out October 1st, 2008.

Now available for pre-order, at http://traxxit.eu/physical/?page_id=3&c ... duct_id=22

The tracklist is as follows :

Wretched Ground
Once Upon a Time
Dawn For Me (2008 Edit)
Kings For a Day
Somebody Else's Fear
Call Me Fallen
Once Upon a Time (Extended Version)
Once Upon a Time (People Theatre Mix)
Sweep Us All Away (Extended Version)
Tell Me Tell Me (Extended Version)

Just like usual, pre-orders will be shipped so that customers should have the EP a few days prior to the official release date.

Thank you for your time.
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Small Bruger
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