[erasure] Cry So Easy

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[erasure] Cry So Easy

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// 'Cry So Easy' Audio Clip

"...I can't believe in the love you're looking for"

Yes this weeks audio clip is of 'Cry So Easy', one of the songs featured on
the forthcoming 'Boy' EP. This is the penultimate audio clip that is being
published on the website before the album and EP are released!

The audio clips can be accessed via the following page:

EIS: http://www.erasureinfo.com/releases/singles/boy.html
The audio links are also reproduced below, as I understand a few people
occasionally have problems accessing updated pages:

Real Media: http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.co ... ery=stream

Windows Media: http://exodus.interoutemediaservices.co ... ery=stream

// Positive Nation - Andy Bell Interview

I received news of this too late to include in last weeks newsletter,
however Andy is interviewed in issue 119 (February edition) of Positive
Nation magazine.

"Few pop stars have the courage to speak openly about living with HIV. But
last year, when Erasure singer Andy Bell told a journalist he'd been living
with HIV since 1998, there was surprisingly little moralising from the
tabloids and almost universal support from fans."

The full interview is available online at:

Web: http://www.positivenation.co.uk/issue11 ... ature1.htm

// The Erasure Forum

The default look for the Erasure Forum has changed to a 'Union Street'

If you don't see it when you log in, you will have to make a slight change
your forum profile:

1) Log in
2) Click on 'My Profile'
3) Scroll down to 'Board Style:'
4) Select 'unionstreet' (or 'nightbird' to change back to the previous
look) and press 'Submit'.

I'll add further themes later in the year.



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