[erasure] Boy Four Track CD

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[erasure] Boy Four Track CD

Indlægaf H o m e » lør feb 04, 2006 11:48


// 'Boy' EP (CDMUTE359)

Some more exciting exclusive news this week!

20th March (UK) sees the release of 'Boy', a four track CD which features:

1) 'Boy' (taken from Erasure's forthcoming acoustic album 'Union Street')
2) 'Cry So Easy' (recorded for 'Union Street' but ultimately not included)
3) 'I Bet You're Mad At Me' (live BBC Radio version)
4) 'Jacques Cousteau' (a synth instrumental track)

A sixty second clip of 'Boy' can be listened to here:

EIS: www.erasureinfo.com/releases/albums/unionstreet.html
International release dates are to be confirmed.

I should point out that the inclusion of four different songs on this one
release means that this EP is not valid for inclusion in the UK singles
chart - so no need to e-mail in about that!

// 'Union Street' Album (North America)

The North American release date of 'Union Street' has been confirmed as
18th April.

// 'Union Street' - Behind The Scenes Part II

The 'Union Street' video footage that was published last week has proven to
be very popular - so an additional clip has been added.

The technical quality of this weeks clip is poor (the sound level is very
low with a high amount of background hiss) hence I wasn't originally going
to publish it.

However the content *is* interesting (as it's an interview with Andy),
therefore it deserves to be seen. I'll put up a transcript later.

The clip is available in Real Video and Windows Media formats on this page:

EIS: www.erasureinfo.com/features/behindthescenes.html
(Please refresh the page in your browser)

// EIS Newsletter Archive

I get quite a few queries from people asking for copies of previous EIS
Newsletters to be resent as they have been accidentally deleted etc.

Well there is no need - a searchable archive (from March 2003) of EIS
Newsletters is available within the EIS Forum. It is generally updated the
same time as the newsletters are being sent out.

EIS Archive: www.erasureforum.com/viewforum.php?f=15
(Seperate forum registration required)

Until next Friday...

PS I'd like to thank Ewan who sent out my pre-written EIS Updates whilst I
was on holiday for the past two weeks.


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