[erasure] Breathe Video Shoot / Website Updates

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[erasure] Breathe Video Shoot / Website Updates

Indlægaf H o m e » fre jul 07, 2006 22:09


It's been a while since the last e-mail newsletter, however the website continues to be updated...

// EIS Website Updates

As things are fairly quiet news wise (as the band are busy writing their next album) - I'm taking this opportunity to put live all the content which has been sitting on my laptop for *ages*, such as this very special EIS exclusive:

- Breathe Video Shoot Video

Available as Windows Media and Quicktime format videos, this is a short (3 1/2min) video containing clips of footage taken from the video shoot of the Breathe video.

Links are provided within the EIS News section: http://www.erasureinfo.com/news/

- Other EIS Website Updates

Features: A pre-tour interview with Andy (with audio): http://www.erasureinfo.com/features/interviews.html

Features: Three re-published articles from the old Private Ear magazine: http://www.erasureinfo.com/features/privateear.html

Features: Andy and Vince interviews / video footage for the 'Circus' convention: http://www.erasureinfo.com/features/conventions_02.html

Releases: The releases section has finally began to be updated, with album details now available again: http://www.erasureinfo.com/releases/albums.html

Releases: Videos for the singles can be viewed online: http://www.erasureinfo.com/releases/videos.html

Treasure: A few additional video clips have been added: http://www.erasureinfo.com/treasure/bitsandpieces.html

// Erasure: MySpace.com

Yes it finally had to happen, an official Erasure / EIS presence on myspace.com.

Admittedly it is rather basic at present (it was created at 4am this morning!) however it will be expanded, and feel free to add it to your 'friends' list:

web: http://www.myspace.com/erasureofficial

friend invite: http://www1.myspace.com/reloc.cfm?c=2&i ... C6CDF4D23F

I am interested in your feedback in what you think could be added to the myspace.com presence.

// EIS Shop Update - Poster Pack

Free with any orders of £20.00 (GBP) or more from the EIS Shop is the following limited edition poster pack:

- 'Innocents' (folded) poster [w 29cm h 42cm] (Originally available with early editions of the Innocents vinyl album.)
- 'A Little Respect' poster [w 42cm h 59cm]
- 'Chorus' (album) poster [w 50cm h 71cm]
- 'I Say I Say I Say' poster [w 48cm h 71cm]
- 'Run To The Sun' poster [w 49cm h 68cm]
- 'Loveboat' poster [w 69cm h 22cm]
- 'Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure' [w 50cm h 70cm]

As these posters were promotional items I'm afraid that they can not be sold separately, only given away with other orders.

Please ensure that you add the poster pack to your basket if you wish to receive it with your order (if it comes to £20.00 or more) or else you will not receive it.

Note: The poster tubes (which are needed for shipping the posters out) don't arrive until next week, so I won't be processing any orders until they arrive.

// Andy Bell To Perform At Gay Games Opening Ceremony

As detailed on the EIS front page for a while now, Andy Bell will perform at the July 15 Opening Ceremony for the 2006 Gay Games at Chicago's historic Soldier Field.

The Games will feature 12,000 participants, competition in 30 sports, world-class athletes and artists, band and choral performances, nightly medal ceremonies, a week-long arts festival, parties, and spectacular opening and closing ceremonies featuring entertainment, pageantry, and the parade of participants from more than 70 countries.

For further information on the 2006 Gay Games, visit: http://www.gaygameschicago.org/

Tickets are available via http://tickets.gaygameschicago.org



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